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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Okay, I was wrong in confusing financial trading with bunker trading. But I assure you showing a track record of profitable trading to get a job at specific firms is NOT an urban legend. In case I didn't emphasize enough, you'll need to have a very specific track record which a) has a large enough assets b) has consistent success. Which is why I mentioned an example of $500k with a 7% return. Okay, I'll add an additional requirement of 7% over three years.

What does this show? You convince people to trust you with a large sum of money. And you actually turned an plan into a actionable idea in the market by actually investing.

We're NOT talking about some guy blowing up his $500 account five times. We're NOT talking about the guy who just got lucky for five consecutive trades. I agree those are the punters who just needed to guess one interest decision right and their up 20%. Believe me, I've seen it all and I know the difference between trading for personal pleasure and professional trading.

Simply put, the baseline of making 7% for 3 years with a large enough capital of $500 means that this guy isn't the 95% of traders who just guess and gamble in the market. And I agree, this has to be true. So I forget to mentioned that you have to get it audited professionally.

Let's just say I interviewed at a hedge fund ($500m) and a proprietary company for a trader role and both did ask of my personal trading. A mention of $10k, your trades who trade for pleasure, doesn't interest them. Say you have an account of $500k is a different thing.
By your own admission, you confused bunker trading which is the point of this thread with other sorts of trading, i.e. you don't know anything about bunker trading.

Then why are you insisting on advising the TS to get substantial sums of money from his parents and friends to go punt the markets? The ludicrousity of your assertion that generating a 7% p.a over 3 years with $500k will impress hedge fund managers aside, in what way is this advice, even if true, relevant to the TS question?

The TS wants to be a bunker trader now, not a hedge fund manager 3 years down the road.
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