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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I can't categorically say you are wrong (world is big after all), but what you have described seems to be in a completely different world based on my understanding having worked as a bunker broker and interacted with traders directly in Singapore before.

First of all, I've never heard of the requirement that you need to be in Ivy League with minimal 3.8GPA or even more bizarrely some sort of sports team leader in order to be a bunker trader.

Secondly that comment about getting S$500k from your family to demonstrate you can make a 7% return in order to impress your employers sounds out of the world. I have never heard of anyone getting into bunker trading this way. I don't even see how making 7% on your family's money has anything to do with bunker trading nor can I see how this is supposed to impress anyone.

The last point that Buy-side are investors who buy something cheap and then sell it high is not accurate as there are many ways to trade the market besides buy cheap sell high, that may be more accurate to describe a value based mutual fund.
I am from shipping industry and agree with you. His emphasis on CCA and that nonsense about playing the market using family and friend's money to impress is obvious rubbish.
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