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For those retrenched ex-PMETs out there, such as ex-engineers and ex-bankers, do not be sad. You have worked so hard all your lives, now is the time to celebrate life. Open your mind. Your life on this earth is limited. Time to retire. Enjoy your retirement!

Good retirement plan in KL or Penang (retire in luxury) for a retired couple at 55 years old (assuming no dependents)

Passive income at 55
Rent out fully paid HDB flat S$2.5k pm
Stocks dividends S$1k pm
Total S$3.5k pm or RM10.5k pm

KL or Penang cost of living
Rent a 3 bedroom condominium RM2k pm
Car expenses RM500 pm (assume buy car in cash RM50k)
Food, groceries, restaurants and utilities RM2k pm
Medical and entertainment RM1k pm
Misc RM500 pm
Total spending RM6k pm
Savings RM4.5k pm

Passive income at 65
Rent out fully paid HDB flat S$2.5k pm
Stocks dividends S$1k pm
CPF Life (Enhanced Retirement Scheme), couple gets S$3.5k pm
Total income S$7k pm or RM21k pm
Total spending RM8k pm
Savings RM13k pm

This retirement plan allows you to live in a nice condo and drive a nice car. You can go holidays all over the world every year if you want to since you will have lots of savings.

Your key retirement assets are: 1. HDB flat 2. CPF Life 3. Dividend blue chip stocks.
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