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ridiculous that civil servants are getting paid more than private sectors. Civil servants, are after all, paid using taxpayers' money. So in the end people are encouraged to go into public sectors. If everyones wants to be civil servants, then who will wants to work in the private sector to drive the economy?

What a waste of taxpayers' money.
How do you know whether civil servants are paid more than in private sector? Even if they are, whether they are paid using taxpayers' money is has nothing to do with how much their salary should be. To say they should be paid lower just because they are paid using taxpayers' money is ludicrous.

Whether one is paid higher than the other (civil vs pte, civil vs civil, pte vs pte) ought to be based on one's capability and whether one is in civil service or private is of no importance. If you are good, you get paid well. If you are better than someone else, you get paid more. If you are less capable, you get paid less.

We need people to be in private sector as much as we need people in public sector. Both are important. Would private sector flourish if companies do not have faith in the stability of the country (mandate of public sector) and hence do not invest? Few would disagree.

Would the public sector alone be able to sustain the economy of the nation alone without the private sector? Impossible.

Bottom line is both are important to the country and people and to each other. Please put more thought before posting something so ludicrous!

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