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Maybe not but I sure do know how much my fellow colleagues make. DBS MA pay is a range. it depends on your results, what you bring to the bank and many other factor. it is not a flat pay that gives 4.8. 4.8 is the max you can go, but the range starts from 3.9. Infact I don't even know if anyone has 4.8, max I know is 4.5. Believe what you will, and comprehend what you will. Don't come into the program and be shocked you not getting 4.8
Complete bull.

DBS MA pay is indeed a range but it does not depend on your results. All MAs with a bachelor's degree will get the same pay, which is 4.3k, regardless of your results. Doesnt matter whether you're first class or second upper, it is still 4.3k.

Only when you have a Master's degree, your pay will be adjusted (upwards). And if you have working experience, your pay will also be adjusted accordingly.

Not sure why people like to bullshit so much and act like they know the remuneration system, when they obviously don't.

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