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I think you should revalue your condos downwards as condo prices have crashed. Your residence should be only valued at $1.4m as it is an OCR condo. Your rental condo is only worth $1m since it is an OCR condo.

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I am 55 and I have not owned a single high end branded item to this day. My current 3 watches are 1) Hilfiger, 2) Timex and 3) Citizen. All were free watches, the first two were from Safra for 5-yearly memberships. The Citizen watch was from my company as part of my long term service award. The Tmex watch is already 10 years old and the Hilfiger watch is 4 years old. All of them are still in perfect working condition.

My shirts and trousers were local brands each costing less than $30. When torn, I just replace them. And you probably guessed it, my shoes were all bought from Bata. Yes, they don't last for more than 2 years, but this suits me because I like to buy new shoes every now & then.

My family has 2 cars, and I supposed by now, you will deduce that the cars are not conti cars. You are right. We have one Jap MPV and a Camry.

So what's our networth?

Not counting the cars, which are consumer items, we have:

Residence (condo): $1.8m
Condo for rental : $1.35m (loan $500k)
Cash : $400 k
Stocks: $800k (was $1m at start of 2015, but lost $200k due to market rout)
CPF : $1.7m (OA, SA, MA, RA)
FDs, bonds : $300k

Total about : $5.8m
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