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So are you saying the pay and career prospect of engineer is better than biz deg?

I dun really care abt which one easier, there are many ways to get the grades I want for the deg anyway...
As an average poly guy, in engineering, you will work earn 3k++ upon graduation and increment 4% every year and no real hope of promotion or promotion also give you 4%.

In biz, you can be the Heng guy that gets an operations role in a bank and earn much more with higher increment, but also got no real hope of promotion.

Or more likely, u will be the suay guy on marketing made to plan events for Christmas Eve and other events, earn 2.4k and stuck there until you get promoted. But promotion will give you a big jump.

In short, getting a biz or eng degree is not a major factor in terms of prospects. It is the internships you do and how you navigate through the job market.
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