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Originally Posted by lazyplane View Post
I dont wish to get into this debate as i dont think there is anything useful.

However, i do wish to point out that i DISAGREE on such generic statements like "engineering is much more difficult than biz as its logical and maths based but biz is only common sense and some technical terms that you need to know."

It reeks of arrogance especially since you are stating you are from an engineering background.

Maybe you care to logically explain why the highest paid fresh grads are from business schools ? Such companies must not have a lot of common sense right ?
once again. just to further counter your last point on fresh grads



maybe i read it wrongly. enlighten me.

but perhaps you meant eventually people working in biz will get higher salary. yes that i will totally agree. but that is not limited to biz grads only. but biz fresh grads are definitively not highest paid and not better than engineering according to the pdfs i linked.

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