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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
my advice is start working first. since you have no idea what you want to pursue for education and career. and to be honest, having a private degree in business and engineering dont really help much, if you're a fresh grad. only the lower-tier companies will recognise them. even then, your pay isnt going to be much higher than a dip. for the amount you're paying for your degree, not worth it.

hence, just go look for job. apply both biz and eng positions. go to interviews. find out more about the different roles. accept the low pay, tell your interviewers you want to learn. once inside, if you really like the role and see yourself advancing in that role, that's when you go for further education, to enhance your knowledge.
Most of them encourage me to study now as if i start working and got used to it,studying would be tough for me and also of course will have no more monthly income. Even part time will be tiring as u have to study and work at the same time.For me, i wouldnt mine part time despite more tiring but the problem is i dont really know what to study after hearing so much.In the past i would want to continue with a eng degree,but after hearing i tho to myself bus would be great too?
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