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So? 1 dude from 80+ MPs? The rest are lawyers, engineers, doctors.

If MOE teachers really are part of the tuition industry then it is an unethical disgrace. You are perpetuating a system whereby only the rich can afford a good education. You are supposed to be the stewards of meritocracy and to make sure every child gets an equal start. Yet you prostitute yourself for money. MOE teachers already earn much more than most fresh grads at 3.5k.

Sorry, I don't buy this line of BS. Coming from a neighbourhood school, I've seen how teachers simply do not do their job, especially when it comes to NA/NT kids. Why? Just like the recent bullying case. Student gets bullied with a teacher in the class doing nothing about it. Benefit from the system? There is just as many students who got bullied and traumatised in school but totally ignored by those that are supposed to create a safe space for them. I can say, I don't appreciate the MOE system at all. I only fell in love with education at the local university level. Which thankfully, MOE teachers do not teach at.
As much as i want to have a meaningful debate,
it would probably not be possible since
you compared the salary of teachers in general with fresh graduates;
of course the latter will be lower.

Another point you may want to take note is that the universities is also part of MOE;
We have 2 acting Ministers of Education; do you have any idea what is their portfolios?

Rather than be thankful to teachers who helped you make it to university, you ended up as an ungrateful individual, which you admitted, who probably thinks you made it through your own efforts alone.

Good luck in life with your way of thinking.

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