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Absolutely true. There is much more to life than the pursuit and accumulation of wealth. At your death bed, does it matter whether you are a millionaire or a billionaire? Once you die, all your wealth will be splurged by your children and grandchildren. What matters most is how you have contributed to humanity. Did you spend all your wealth just for you and your family? Did you waste millions of dollars on expensive cars and condos while billions in the world are living in abject poverty?

Lead a meaningful life. Care for the old, needy, poor and orphans. They need you. Billions of people need you. Instead of spending years and years working just for you to splurge your wealth, do spend a good chunk of the years you have in this world to do good to humanity. True wealth is not how much fortune you have but how much you give all that towards humanity. Don't be greedy and arrogant.

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This kind of debate is really meaningless. That is our typical Asian culture, comparing each other to validate ourselves. I do believe there are some high earners here. But they represent a sad group of insecured, nothing-to-do,mid-life crisis, bald and fat men. Who drop here to show off and try so hard to impress. Living a condo? So what. drive a car? So what. If you have monthly income of 3000. That is enough to live decent life. Every time I see some hopeless people who are yapping along crap and playing mobile to kill every day. That is sad. Really sad!

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