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I read what I wrote and still think I'm better in reading than you You like putting words in peoples mouth like "you brag about...", but that just reflects negatively on the way you think and act. You ask foreigners to contribute in a positive way, but you are nothing but negative.

It's clear that those who pay more taxes support Singapore and contribute to "nation building". This is the same nation building as a local's opportunity costs like your army service. Locals also have benefits like CPF, HDB, Edusave, topups, free shares. The Government is very generous to Singaporeans. Primary and secondary education is good and cheap. So is healthcare etc. Not quite the same for foreigners here.

You overgeneralize by saying "Everybody pays taxes", perhaps in GST but compared to most countries, the bulk of the income tax here is paid by the upper class. The middle class and lower classes don't pay much income tax, if any at all. Therefore, foreigners like me contribute disproporionately to nation building. GST of 7% is actually very low internationally.

Yes, indeed I should spare the pleasantries with you especially when you criticize by calling people names like opportunist and claim that foreigners are incompetent, but supported by bias Singaporean bosses. I didn't claim I was understanding, just that I understood your particular bitterness and understand why you rant. You use words to attack others that make no sense, but a bitter man can only see the wrong in everything. It takes talent to judge talent or trash. Trash can't judge.
Fortunately, not all Singaporeans are like the fellow you are arguing with. In fact, I'll say that he is in the minority. I'll call him "FT wannabe". I, for one, believe that the FTs like you are beneficial to the country and that the current open door policy to them should stay. However, there are a fair number of my bros who think just like the FT wannabe because they got stuck in their jobs due to FT. They are active on forums now because they think the election is coming. However, most Singaporeans really don't care about the type of FT like you that is causing the FT wannabe to be stuck in his low position. They are more irritated with having mainland chinese and banglas all around them doing the cleaning and serving jobs. They are also more worried about things like the cost of healthcare and public transport. When the Govt wins the election then FT wannabe and his bros will go hide in the closet for another few years. FT wannabe and his bros have no political power given Singapore's demographics (they are a small group) and how good the Govt is at running elections. So, Mr FT, just keep working to make our economy great so that my properties prices keep on going up. Hahaha
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