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Hi all i have just ORD from army and now deciding to study UNI but don't know which to choose. I graduate from NYP in Electronics,computer and communication Engineering specialized in wafer fabrication.
i plan to study engineering but many says that business have more future prospect being higher pay,office environment and of course more gals compare to engineering lesser pay and blah blah blah. And so now i am in a dilemma to choose between business or engineering.
if into engineering it will be electrical or electronic in the mean time trying to get into marine if possible.
For business i have not made any choices yet.
any advice between this two anyone which has a better prospect and salary?
I think it depends on whether you're choosing a local/private university. I agree with one of the posters that taking a local engineering degree is better than private business degree.

I'm not in the engineering sector but from what I've heard, it's quite a stable industry. With a business degree, you can get into really high paying jobs but you will probably have to have excellent grades or good relevant working experience.

If you want stability in business you can also consider accountancy? Studying accountancy will also allow you to get into banking jobs if you do well. (for local university, i don't have sufficient info for private degree) At the same time, you can always go into auditing or accounting that is pretty stable.

Hope this helps!
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