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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
So I hurt you morons. And no wonder, its raining abuses on me. Your right. I should not compare HK and SG bcus SG cannot survive on its own, so needs FTs. SG does not have much to boast except the fact that the leaders have created an environment where outsiders can do business and hire outsiders.

You guys are simply the case who have NO Choice. I have a PHD degree and am able to work Globally [which means US, SG, JAPAN, etc]. While you people are stuck in Singapore bcus noone outside SG will hire you. And, hence the frustration.

Your abuse does not matter since I am not someone who needs Singapore as much as you. If I am not getting a good deal, I can work elsewhere.

And ya, I think most locals are not that good. Thats why, you are being replaced. Lazy Incompetent Frustrated Stuck in the rat race u call Singapore.
Still bitching here? How can you be so stupid when you have a PHD? How much did you pay for it? We already know that you are a FTrash, so dont have to prove us again and again. No portfolio post means no proof, so dont bullshit about you dont need Singapore. Replaced us? What the hell are you smoking? Dont talk big when you have no national obligations like we do, you greedy ingrate. Our choice is to stay here and build this country, while you left your own for any chance for the better. You are just an opportunist with no integrity and you expect any credibility. What a clown! What competence can you talk about when you behave like a retard? I wont be surprise if you get kick out of the rat race very soon. PHD? Globally? I would like to spit on you, but then again, to a low life like you, its a waste of my saliva.

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