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Singapore is way past kampong era, and we did well without many foreigners. Contrary to what you idiots believe, MNCs come here not for the ease of hiring you idiots, Singapore has its own selling points. If you read up more, there are many ways to attract foreign investments. The reason why we need to increase our productivity now is because we have too many sub-standard employees (PRs and foreigners) like yourself, so as to make up your deficiency. I am sure we can survive without any of you ignorant retards.
Close to 80% of PRs have university degrees, compared to about 15% of Singaporeans. I think there is confusion over the term FT. FT should refer to PRs and Employment Pass holders, not the 200,000 on S Passes and work permits who have to leave after a few years. Generally, FT are more qualified than most Singaporeans, but the temporary workers are not. There are very few Singaporeans in top management of Singapore MNCs because most highly qualified Singaporeans prefer to work for the Govt or are bonded because of a scholarship. The lesser qualified Singaporeans usually work for FT bosses, hence the unhappiness.
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