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Worked with various PR/'S' Pass/EP colleages.

In gist, most are 'ok' type with dreams/hope to cherish their family. They either send loads of $$$ home or start to bring their love ones to stay in SG.

They are SOME, which I love to send them off the first boat/ferry out of SG. These are the 'vomit blood' types. 'Smoke' their through and through. I think we are too nice to 'accomodate' these bad minorities.

But without their love ones in SG, the 'FT' push up the bars by 'spoiling' the market. Think in terms of putting in longer hours in office. More 'face-time' they clocked. Also, weekends they are on standby, clear emails, readily respond to calls from their bosses [Not necessarily fellow colleagues. Same par/rank need not bother calling them.]. I am in favor of having more FT to take a tougher position that they join us as 'Pink' holder. [Else, AU style of tough PR extension rules should apply.] I am glad that some of my former FT associates are putting up roots into SG. They do bring along their strong expertise and their spouse are talents in their own rights. Glad that the process of granting 'Pink' card is getting more stringent.

Thus, as Pink card holder, I will advocate to 'earn' from FT. Please feel free to charge them market rate 'or beyond' for the housing rental. ['In Rome, do as the Roman does' - When we 'Pink' holders were/are in overseas for work/study, they (citizens of the host country) also charged us the 'sky' for accomodations. At times also got to get the short end of the stick. Behave meekly even though we are the paying customer?!?]
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