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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Singapore is way past kampong era, and we did well without many foreigners. Contrary to what you idiots believe, MNCs come here not for the ease of hiring you idiots, Singapore has its own selling points. If you read up more, there are many ways to attract foreign investments. The reason why we need to increase our productivity now is because we have too many sub-standard employees (PRs and foreigners) like yourself, so as to make up your deficiency. I am sure we can survive without any of you ignorant retards.
haha sounds like someone is really insecure about himself. i'd suggest you get off ur computer and go read a book or something. whether you like it or not, singapore needs an open-door policy to chug along. if your gov one day decides to shut its doors to us 'retards', it'll be total chaos for Singapore and the SGX will stand to show the bloodbath.
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