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Bro, don't need to feel demoralized a lot of "tanks" in this forum.. basically unless you are in late 40s else it is very hard to had millions in net worth unless u are living a very simple life. A lot of ppl earn a lot of money in their houses which are likely going to face some headwind soon due to oversupply. I think you should invest more in stocks however can look at the MSCI world ETF to be more diversify don't need to keep so much cash let the bank loan out to millionaires to buy houses so that they can be richer haha... make sure your money is working for u...

personally i know a multi millionaire , their life style is one word " simple" that is how u become rich of cos u can buy 3-4 houses in the good old days... but can't now...
go and read the book "the millionaire next door" normal millionaire are normal folks.. of cos if u had a successful business it will be different but i guess if we are so successful we should not be here typing haha... happy new year 2016....

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30 years old male
single: no wife or girlfriend
Basic degree holder (no honours)
Basic take-home salary: $2800
$500 goes to family, another $300-$500 for my monthly expenses
I try to say around $1800 -$2000 per month
$100K in Cash
$20K in stocks and bonds
No other assets.

Feeling demoralized after reading some of the postings here.

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