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The truth is the London schools aren't that tough to get into.

I applied and got accepted to LSE and UCL but chose a local uni business school due to cost reasons. The London schools are mainly looking at grades in deciding admission and most students at local business schools (ESP NUS) are straight A students.

Im #36. Yeah I agree, local uni business courses are generally quite good and on par with the London schools. A Level wise, entry standards are roughly about the same.

But gotta remember that UK unis are much more cosmopolitan than SG. They take in all sorts of brilliant people from everywhere. Your average SG student studying in London is prolly from one of the good JCs, and if he's not a scholar, then its parents' money, i.e. above-average or good caliber. But those from poorer countries who attend, they literally competed with and won thousands of other students from their countries to secure the 1 or 2 scholarship places to study at these schools. Without such scholarship they couldnt even dream of leaving their countries. So these students are top tier and brilliant.

So there's a wide spectrum of students in these schools, ranging from your run of the mill good results type (eg typical RJ student from SG on either parents' money or generic Ministry scholarship) to super brilliant type (eg Rhodes / Commonwealth Scholarship-type from India or South Africa).
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