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I think we have to differentiate between connections and no connections. This is the reality. Ppl with 2:2s, below cum laude - if they have connections and bother to use it, big fours, JLVs, etc are not an issue. They do not fall into any of the categories when it comes to finding a TC. Even if they do not admit it, it's quite obvious.

Excluding these people, it is quite plain that 2:2s, below cum laude are having a bad time. 2:1s/Magnas from NUS/SMU do get the opportunities for interview, but after that it's all about performance.

Frankly CCAs are not important unless they relate to law, i.e. Moots.
Agree 100% on the connections point. If you know someone and/or are in a rich/famous family, you are going to get a place no matter how badly you do. I have seen people like this.

Well the people I know (with 2:2s/below cum laude) did not get in through connections. Its possible that they got in through internship performance however.

The 2:2/non-cum laudes in my school aren't really having a rough time. A good proportion have places in medium (and even large) firms while the rest have settled for small/boutiques. Most got their TCs in Year 3. I know of noone without a TC from my batch.

As for CCAs, I was in a biz/finance related CCA and it was a pretty big point of interest in every interview that I had with a law firm (and I applied for disputes, not corporate). I think having a CCA does not secure you a place, but it should put you at least above another equal candidate (i.e. same grades) without any CCA.

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