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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
keeping it intentionally vague but yeah it's one of the big fours. can anyone here list down the firms in which they are able to end work within normal hours? i'm summa cum laude but i'm ok with smaller firms. seems like such long hours is only confined to the big fours. wasn't successful with jlc, agc though.
For someone who is summa cum laude and was shooting for clerkship or the AGC, you seem rather naive about the nature of the industry that you're about to enter / have just entered into.

I'm very surprised to be honest. Not putting you down or anything, but this should have been something you would have well been aware of as early as Year 2 or Year 1 by talking to seniors or just asking around generally or on internships.

Its sort of like someone getting into a bulge bracket investment bank and suddenly realising, *holy ****! the hours are bad*, does any one know of another investment bank with normal hours?

Did you not ask around before you decided to secure a traineeship?
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