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Default Credit Crunch

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Good morning folks, the FED just increased Fed fund rates to 0.25% from 0% after many years. The U.S. economy is improving and jobs situation is much better now. What does this means?

1. You should buy a new car now. As the global economy improves, led by the U.S., our economy will also improve. Our wages will increase and demand for new cars will increase.

2. The stock market will rise as the rate hikes will be gradual. People will feel rich and buy new cars.

So, book your new car now.
We are starting the reversal of ease of credit, therefore business will feel crunch especially if they have debt, increase interest makes all cautious on overspend. For Asia, you can think that of less spend. For Singapore, you can consider less foreign direct investment to shrink. Do the maths
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