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Face thing is only important for insecure people and I wouldn't take an insecure persons advise too seriously.

Just live your life appropriately. Don't deprive yourself of any enjoyments (you are working overseas after all) but make sure not to excessively indulge. If you like a comfortable living (gym/swimming etc) within the means by all means go for a condo if spending that few hundred more can be considered, I would say in Singapore entertainment can be the major cost i.e drinking dining etc so just watch out on these areas.

Do an expense tracker and you can monitor your cost accordingly.

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Thanks for your insight. I guess another thing I need to get used to is "face is important for Asian culture". In the US, you can live your own life without dealing with so much peer pressure. That is something I need to get used to since my personality is so causal and laid back.
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