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Thanks for the words of advise Uncle MK,

I did look at some overseas properties but its hard to leap into without someone on the ground or least with experience advising the pitfalls not to mention contacts on the group to get things sorted. Lately I've been looking at Jakarta property with a friend so I hope that will turn out fruitful.

Sorry to hear about the fraud, must be really hard especially when it done by someone you entrust. I hope that person who did it got what he deserved!

Heh you might wanna consider publishing a blog for starters for your stories, pepper it with some investment advise and views on stock and you just might have a winner

Look forward to reading your post on the forum.


Originally Posted by Uncle MK View Post
To the post by 101

Uncle suggests you to keep focus on one asset class mastery before the next.

Since investors/bankers/radicals are more educated today, this cyclical trend seems to be evolutionary. I respect your decision in maintaining a liquid war chest to take advantage during bloodbaths. A few managers of mine are leveraged on foreign properties with lower capital outlay but similar appreciation.

Indeed, Singapore citizens should be thankful. Oh yes, one of my subsidiaries, known as TCN and SG is PCN, has been dissolved due to political pressures/influences. For the sake of revenues, the subsidiary cooked the books and involved in unethical practices hence the decision to force majure. Come to think about it, close to 500K yearly revenue depleted.

Well, uncle may even write a book on his experiences! Just a note to aspiring entrepreneurs, initial phase of progression is close to 100hrs/week. Rethink on being playful*

Take care
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