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1. if they want to hire anyone at that level, I assume NCS should have some decency to match - or pretend to match using classic tactic of 'we offer bonus and ****'

2. if the matching salary is outside the title, they will just upgrade your title. 12-13 should be Associate Director level already. But again what is a manager?

Trivia: if you have at least a bachelor degree from local university and joined singtel, your first title is 'Manager'. LOL. I think it will be similar to some statboard like EDB and such.
associate directors are 8-9k tops in ncs, 12-13k is a middle level director position. anyway like u say, the titles in ncs are a joke and mostly just anyhow upgrade to keep those dumb enough to believe it. i was a senior manager for project mgt there and getting only 6.2k, less than a analyst in any mnc. what a joke.
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