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Uncle MK
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Default Leverage or not?

Originally Posted by Unregistered_101 View Post
Hi Uncle MK

Thanks for replying,

I will google up what you mentioned and try to brush up on my analysis skills.

I do see property investment as one of my stronger points, but of course still a lot to learn to this regard thankfully there are many good property related blogs around. As you know the property market has a longer cyclical period and it can be 5 years or so before timing comes right to enter the market. I built up a small war chest to either pay up my mortgage if things get really bad or to reinvest back into the property market if the timing is right. In the meantime they languish in a Fixed Deposit earning minimal interest, the stock market interest I suppose is to find a way to get a better interest & return during the 3/5 years between peak and trough. Not to mention liquidity.

The experiences shared by local friend from personal business experiences are interesting but the more interesting stories I hear are from my overseas friends who sometime face certain life threatening situations during business dealings, corruption, protest etc Its something not many locals are exposed to due to our regulated / safe environments.

From your experiences be great if you could share and instance where you had a very challenging situation and how it was overcome (i.e, sheer luck, timing, perseverance), and how many people are working in your firm and do you feel a sense of responsibility to them and their families to keep the company profitable or maybe people management if it came to terminating their employment etc

Have a good weekend.
To the post by 101

Uncle suggests you to keep focus on one asset class mastery before the next.

Since investors/bankers/radicals are more educated today, this cyclical trend seems to be evolutionary. I respect your decision in maintaining a liquid war chest to take advantage during bloodbaths. A few managers of mine are leveraged on foreign properties with lower capital outlay but similar appreciation.

Indeed, Singapore citizens should be thankful. Oh yes, one of my subsidiaries, known as TCN and SG is PCN, has been dissolved due to political pressures/influences. For the sake of revenues, the subsidiary cooked the books and involved in unethical practices hence the decision to force majure. Come to think about it, close to 500K yearly revenue depleted.

Well, uncle may even write a book on his experiences! Just a note to aspiring entrepreneurs, initial phase of progression is close to 100hrs/week. Rethink on being playful*

Take care

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