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Hi Uncle MK,

Thanks for taking the time to post, your perspective on life and respect for other's own decision is very refreshing.

Do you mind me asking would you say you're more comfortable with stock investment or property investment for networth building? And what would you look for on your prefer approach?

If you have the time and don't mind would really appreciate if you could share the loses you took in your old days (financially or otherwise). Personally I think one could learn a thing or two especially with experiences from the real world of business.


Originally Posted by Uncle MK View Post
To the post by LLL,

Uncle respect your decision in taking higher risks, reminds me the good old days of investing and losing hard.

Indeed, hospitalization insurance is crucial to hedge against unforeseen dangers - H&S plans to be exact. It seems that you're adequately covered. Any intentions to diversify into annuities and endowment plans?

Yes, running a business is not simple. Frankly speaking, networth in business term is inaccurate due to fluctuations/volatility. Take a look at the current raw fish market, due to news outbreak, most businesses tanked hard. These businesses flopped due to poor planning, lack of contingency, low vision etc. but those who adapt through creative means or other food items for coverage will emerge battered.

Uncle lost 5 businesses in the past before achieving self-actualization, not hard to figure why hair is already grey.
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