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Hah why am I not surprised, 5 mins of your time to back YOUR OWN words is something you can't do? Lets make it easy for you one more chance to prove you're not a pussy (this task no editing needed). Log into your tax portal and click on the below and show me where on that screen does it say IC number and NAV as per your claim below. (2nd chance to back your own words)

- View My Property Portfolio/Change mailing address

The only titles I can see are Property Description, Property Tax Reference Number, Annual Value, Tax Balance. (Hint: Annual value is not NAV, its annual value of estimated rental income)

Or maybe your some super high net-worth chap got more details than the average man

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
You have covered at last 50% of the IRAS statement, with no name from IC to cross-reference to. No details of properties and no NAV shown. With 1 line or 11 lines, they are so easy to replicate across. I will do that if I want to prove a point to you, but not going to waste my time on a blithering fool like your good self. You are not worth 5 min of my life.

I'll give you the benefit of doubt and assume you're not either Mr superiority or the Mr Pussy until proven otherwise.

Firstly I have no desire to be treated seriously on this thread anyway, I come here to poke fun at people with inflated egos or just a have a good laugh

Secondly my initial exchanges with anyone usually starts off civil playing along on their fantasy world about making their cash. However once I post evidence which they can't seem to prove as fake they start calling calling you dense and what not. They are Pussies lah through and through. Maybe you're very civil about treating cowards who accuse you with no evidence but I am not. If I were that easy how to make money?

Btw explain me this who do you want exactly to treat you seriously? Would it be the Unregistered guy who posted the day before or the Unregistered guy that posted this morning or the Unregistered guy that posted this evening?

IMO anyone who wants to be treated seriously on this thread is a IMH patient so I hope for your sake you're not one of them.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
You are using "major tosser", "insignificant speck", "dufus", "prissy gu niang" and "pure Pussy" here in this forum.. people would not treat you seriously, even if you claimed you have 1 million properties.

Personally, I see you as a IMH patient who has access to internet.
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