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Default Ex-Accenture analyst

Having spent 2.5 years as an Analyst in the consulting team, i can say that lifestyle really depends on the projects you get on to. Some projects are great - in terms of people, interesting work. If your unlucky, then its the exact opposite.

The worst is when your time on the project is coming to an end and there's an interesting project you wont to work on. But you manager ends up extending your stay on the old project. This is ****, they do this so often!

Also, networking within the firm is more important in getting onto the projects you like. Cannot just rely on the HR scheduler.. towards the end of my time there, i realized that they dont really have their eye on the more interesting work. These get staffed based on who you've worked with in the past & who you know.

I've seen some Analysts join & just get **** project after project. Making them really dislike Accenture and quitting within the year or two. This is just some plain unlucky ****...
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