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Originally Posted by kelvinfrog View Post
I will be working at Jurong East, I think Woodlands would be a bit far. I looked up some websites, it seems like it would cost about 2.5K for a HUB two bedrooms at Jurong East. Does it sounds right? My mom will visit me on and off, so I want to get a two bedroom instead of one bedroom.
May I ask how old are you? That's a pretty good wage in Singapore.

Suggest you go for a condo in the Jurong East area, should be around $3+k for a nice one with facilities such as pool, gym, etc. Would be better with the chicks too, Singaporean girls are quite easy as long as you are white and have a good story to tell!

Transport will easily set you back $300 or so. I suggest that you find a condo near your workplace with a direct bus so that you can save on the daily commute. However when going out to town or further just use taxis, uber and grabcar.. you can more than afford those for the relative convenience.

If you are feeling grand you can budget for a part time housekeeper to iron the clothes, clean your house etc for 3 hours a week. It can go from as low as $30 to $80 per week for such services.

The good thing about Singapore is that we have many budget airlines connecting here, so it will be great to explore southeast asia cheaply.

Other than that I think you are well covered. Enjoy Singapore!
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