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So u answer to him/her because he is from Sim. And u ignore the other guy/girl who is from local Uni. I am from NUS myself and u are a total disgrace to local Uni. UniSim is now gov recognised local Uni. Only SIM global are still private. Please stop throwing the identity of us NUS NTU and SMU. They are on par with us. They started bad and made a bad choice. It does not mean they are lazy or stupid. U scored As? Which year and did u score any award? Maybe u should learn respect and stop trolling with your imaginary grades.

Hell I suspect u are a Sim student that want to destroy the image of a local Uni grad
I do not ''answer'' to any SIMbian. I did not ''reply'' to you because you are obviously a SIMbian trying to pass off as an NUS grad. It's so obvious that it is pathetic.

No local uni grad seriously gives a **** between your UOL, RMIT, Wolloongong or yes, Unisim. They are all the same class - cannot make it class. I know of GPA 2.5 Republic Polytechnic (gasp!) graduates that got into Unisim. Only Unisim ppl will use the ''oh only Unisim is government recognised'' argument. The SIM GE and other private uni disagree, and local uni dun give a **** about arguments between losers.

I know it is very difficult for a SIMbian to get As in Polytechnic, but ask the poly grads now studying in local uni. Poly is so easy that it's a bad joke. That's probably because they need to be dumbed down so that idiots like you can pass and go out and work and be a productive member of society. But yet, you refuse to do so and go on to lower the standards of smart working adults in SIM, which is the real purpose behind its government recognition anyway.
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