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Haters gonna hate. I have people from local Unis - dean's list no less, having to be so desperate in front of me, all sucking up to me whenever i interview them for my team.

I'm in the capital markets team for Skybridge Capital by the way. Most local uni grads have got their heads stuck in the clouds! I always ask this simple question "What sets you apart from a graduate from SIM-UOL?" and you know what is their most common answer? "My degree is more recognised... blah blah blah"

Eh. Hello... i'm interviewing you for your capabilities and character that sets you apart. Not your damned degree. Needless to say, i dont take local grads. I would actually take SIM students. But they aren't confident enough. Whereas local uni students are overly confident. More like cocky. Losers.
Lol, typical sore loser mentality of a SIMian. Trying so hard to scrutinize and put down local uni grads just because he himself couldnt qualify for their sch. Oh well, if I was an ex prisoner i'll be biased towards hiring my own kind too
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