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Somehow everyone from SIM will always assume that working harder can compensate for low intelligence. You can... Up to a certain point. The certain point being uni year 2. Thereafter, you can study 24 hrs a day 7 days a week and still cannot make it.

I am sorry, but you guys simply have not reached the level when you can compare apples to apples. The people you know from local unis that you think you can compete if only you work harder are merely the weaker ones in local uni.

As a Polytechnic graduate myself, I have skipped 90% of poly year 3 lessons in SP, studied for a week before the exams and got all As. How difficult is that? I never understood how people can go on and on about being playful in the past and getting Cs in poly. Heck, how do you even get a C in poly?

Fast forward to local uni and I quickly realise that the king of poly is the weakest student in uni. Big fish in small pond suddenly realise that we need to desperately up our game now. Even putting a lot more effort does not give you an A.

To SIMbian that got into big 4, congrats, you certain made it in the eyes of your fellow SIMbian. You might even be the top 10 student. But hello, getting into big 4 is the fail safe option for any local uni grad. You know what that means?

It is OK to take pride in completing a degree, but please do not think you are equal. Because you are only realistically equal to the weaker ones in local uni. They got into big 4 because they lazy to study.
So u answer to him/her because he is from Sim. And u ignore the other guy/girl who is from local Uni. I am from NUS myself and u are a total disgrace to local Uni. UniSim is now gov recognised local Uni. Only SIM global are still private. Please stop throwing the identity of us NUS NTU and SMU. They are on par with us. They started bad and made a bad choice. It does not mean they are lazy or stupid. U scored As? Which year and did u score any award? Maybe u should learn respect and stop trolling with your imaginary grades.

Hell I suspect u are a Sim student that want to destroy the image of a local Uni grad

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