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The market has already reached a verdict long time ago. SIM grads are paid lower starting salary and have a more limited career progression options in both public& private sector as a whole.

Of course the grads themselves claim this is only because of branding of the local uni and discrimination against private uni grads by employers and hr side. Their defense is that they are very street smart and if companies do not discriminate & give them chance, they will do just as well if not better.

But if you think rationally this explanation makes no sense at all. Companies just want to make money, they have no interest in unis per se. All they want is as long as you can value add, they pay whatever is needed. Same for hr recruiters, all they want is to meet kpi & close the deal, they will not purposely hantam SIM grads out of some personal hatred and limit the candidates and thereby lengthen the hiring process creating more work for themselves.

Truth is companies turn down SIM or offer lower pay because they have decades if not centuries experience of running business. They know on average what sort of uni deliver what sort of student calibre. They also know roughly what sort of standards you can expect from each uni & adjust their starting pay to match that accordingly.

Big MNCs & top banks have the experience and expertise of hiring thousands of grads globally every year. To suggest that somehow they don't recognize the value in SIM and just filtering out SIM because of irrational bias goes against common sense.
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