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it seems quite pointless for a sim (or any pte u grad) to join big4 if thats the case. I mean assuming a guy finish ns & studies at 25 join them and 4 years later 29 yo then reach entry level associate?!?! might as well go elsewhere or start own biz.
pride. can boast to his peers the big4 hired him.

local acct grads these days dont wana do audit. most of them only attend the mass recruitment exercise after they got rejected from the banks MAP.

btw, for sim folks, here's how a typical exercise goes.

the big4 will send out invites to the accting final year students, and book 10 rooms and lecture halls in the respective school. cool huh? the recruiters actually come to campus. the whole process is like a doc visit. you submit your cv, and wait to get called.

usually most students will get 2-3 offers, the better ones obvious get offers from all 4.

however, from what i know, the big 4 rejects almost 90% of cvs from sim. the remainder get called up, and offered the junior ranks below assoc.

its actually the same rank a poly grad with acca gets.
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