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I believe you guys are too focus with the salaries and forgot about benefits.

Associate is getting 2.9k to 3.1k as fresh grad currently.
Increment is about 400 to 500 per number change (AA2 to AA1, or G2 to G1, or whatever they call it)
Promotion between grade (Associate to Senior, or Senior to AM, and so on) is about 1k to 2k depending.
You do not need to be manager to know all these... talk to colleague and look at your own, u can do the maths to get the avg.

Yes, some of you might be urging about lower pay and $$$ is more important, but benefits are technically $$$ provided to you too!

Things like corporation card with customize logo, fully sub SQP/CA Singapore, fully paid medical, oversea secondment, their own building (PWC?), their exclusive clubhouse (KPMG?), claimable funding for healthcare (sports shoes, gym membership, dental), discount with partnered business entity, exclusive event (I believe KPMG just had their close door zouk party for Halloween or something).

There is also the title there, try telling your family that u work at some unknown company for 10k and they would go like "oh wow nice pay! not bad not bad!". Now try having someone telling them that they work for the world 4 largest auditing firm and holding 8k pay. Human by nature recognize title more than your pay level, or we won't have king, queen, master, lord and peasant cast title.

There are things $$$ can't get you, and that's the working community. if you are hired to be a toilet cleaner for 4k per month but u get to talk to no 1 and have no contact with anyone, u are not benefiting yourself in the long run. While getting a lower pay of 3k, u get to enjoy work life and corporate events, I would rather take this over toilet cleaning.

If you are looking for pure $$$ and not enjoying work, then everywhere u go is not enough for you. And at the end of the day, you are better off working as your own boss and starting a new business.

My 2 cent worth
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