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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
If eloquence isn't essential, which qualities, in your humble opinion, is?
I am not the original poster, but been doing sales for 8 years I agree eloquence is way overrated esp for those who never do sales before - they think sales is just sweet talk non-stop.

For sure you must be comfortable with interacting with all sorts of people, but beyond that being eloquent doesn't help much. Empathy, understanding decision making / power structure in your client organization, understanding industry & how your products are position, being able to negotiate professionally, being able to navigate your own co politic to get things done in your favor is much more important.

Most people who only know how to eloquent talk will forever be stuck at doing mass market sales selling cheap & low margin products to general market. For e.g. in banking if you just remain stuck at this sort of level selling retail and SME products, there is a limit to how much you can make even if you are the top performer and if you are just average, the package might even end up much worse than working in a normal office job.
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