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Default front office - career advice

Hi all,

I am entering front-office sales role as my first job.
hope to seek some advice from you guys.

Here's my profile.

SIM - UOL (first class honours)
Economics and Finance

I am eloquent and outspoken.
Decided to take up front office sales role as a part of my career

I have 3 options now.

Life Planner - associate with 1 of the agencies which carry GE / LionGlobal policies.

Relationship manager - DBS

Relationship Manager - SCB

I am not that monetary driven.
I see myself going for growth / management positions.

I have a few questions.

1. being in front office, local banks better or international banks?

2. what should i consider before making an informed decision? mentorship? culture?

3. what would you advise me to choose?

your inputs are much appreciated.

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