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Just to share with those interested. I have been teaching for about 12 years since I graduated from NUS. I don't hold any leadership position or posts in school. I'm an average performer who gets the standard promotions that come every few year so in other words, I'm just your basic teacher. I think I'm almost at the top of the pay scale for a normal teacher (Can't really tell after the changes this year. I was at my max on the old scale though). My gross pay is about $7700. Honestly if you include the employer's CPF contribution, 13th month pay and various bonuses, the total pay package for a normal teacher can easily be above 100k per year. That's not a bad deal given the fact that its a recession proof job. Still if you are in it for the money, its doubtful that you can last long. I've had so many friends who couldn't take it and have already left teaching. So do think about it carefully before you decide. It's painful to go to work when you really dislike what you are doing.
Nobody considers employer's CPF as pay actually.

So if I am correct you are probably on a 16 month package, i.e. 7700 X 16 = 123,200?

It reaffirms my belief that civil service is actually very good in terms of total pay. Thats why I don't understand why all those young grads are so narrow view that they just want to join a bank no matter what even if its ops or branch sales.

Civil service glass ceiling is definitely lower than a bank and most people won't make it to superscale even when they retire, but honestly unless you are really good at sales or in the IB side, I don't think there are many 'bankers' that are making 123k after working 12 years.
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