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After reading online reviews, I avoided joining the local SIs when I graduated from private uni in 2011. Looking back, it's the best decision I ever made. I joined a European SME as a consultant. Still with the same company now.

I can count with one hand the number of days I had to OT. I had to work 2 Saturdays due to critical production issue. That's about it - in 4 years! My salary now is at least 50% more than an NCS consultant with same experience.

So advice for young graduates starting out their careers in IT, prioritise these companies:

(1) European companies
(2) US companies
(3) Local companies
(4) Chinese/Indian SI (e.g. TCS, Cognizant, Pactera)
(10) Local SIs

Also if your academic achievements is average, like me, i.e. can't make it as an associate at the banks, then joining an SME makes more sense. You can make an impact and prove your worth there, rather than being just a another head count.
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