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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
What am I missing? Fresh grad earn 3.5k, this teacher drawing 5k after 3 years but you are trying to say he is underpaid? No money to live? What is your imagined scenario, 28 year old single parent, paying off his hdb?

Not saying teachers are overpaid, just that they are quite well remunerated as compared to the past, and in general.
it is called inflation. 20 years ago, 100k gets you a 4 room hdb, today, you need 400k.

seriously, what kind of lifestyle can 5k give you in sg? that is 4k after cpf.

case 1. single 28 year old who wants to live away from home.

rent: 800 (share with family, no privacy)
(survivor lifestyle) own food and bills: 2k

savings of about 1k? think of transport, health insurance, investments, etc?

case 2. typical married 28 year old.

rent for family: 2k
(survivor lifestyle) own food and bills: 1-2k
wife and other's spending: 1k

savings of about 0?

case 3. typical 28 yo living at home dating.

(survivor lifestyle) own food and bills: 2k
dating: 500/mth

savings of about 1-1.5k?

we are talking about survivor lifestyle. eating cheap food daily and buying cheap clothes and stuff. no health insurance/car/holidays/occasional shopping etc to pay for.

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