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I am mid career, still considering whether to switch to teaching since it would be for the long term.
I like children but teaching full time could be a different story. Prefer to teach primary school.
What are the chllenges and the working hours? And do you know the estimated starting pay for mid career?

hi there! i'm on the secondary school track, so i wouldnt be able to share much about primary school. one thing i'm certain about is that parents can really get very anxious about PSLE. (hope you get my drift). work culture in primary school differs from secondary sch, so hopefully there's a pri teacher out there who's able to provide you with more insights.

starting salary for mid career teachers differ, depending on many factors such as your current salary, academic qualifications, related job experience etc. my mid career colleagues suffered a paycut upon joining the teaching profession, but they're on 'accelerated track' to reach their last drawn pay.

contrary to popular beliefs, one's salary isnt dependent on the level he's teaching, but rather his academic qualifications. along the way, his performance determines his increment. it gets harder to 'perform well' after a few promotions because expectations get higher. so i'm mentally prepared if my pay reaches a plateau eventually.
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