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Anyone who has worked in high finance before knows Big 4 is not in the same league compare to real management consulting firms or banks. Only fresh grads or people outside finance industry think Big 4 is prestigious. It is mostly a sweat shop for people who join below partner level.

People in MBB or international banks will feel quite insulted whenever some layman say things that imply Big 4 is their peer.
I can go on to show u more ppl that are top FCH in the cohort working in big 4

see below:


Valedictorian 2014 for both business school and mechanical engineering school in NUS working in pwc.

There are a lot of Magna and FCH so don't anyhow mislead ppl.

somemore :


FCH in NUS +dean's list for all semesters.. etc.

many more of these kind of ppl... just do a linkedin search la....
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