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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I read alot review on how bad is NCS. Now i wondering whether want to join or not. Is it NCS a good company to join for person who is just a fresh graduate?
TLDR; NCS is a good company ONLY for people who wants to retire.
People who wants to climb corporate ladder, get a fair compensation, work on challenging projects, starts their career... stay away.

Here are my glassdoor review which keep getting removed - i have no idea why my review keep getting removed. This is the last version of it (since i type it in ms word knowing well it will get removed again - which is true).

IMO NCS is employing someone to prop up their less than dignified glassdoor score. Flagging any negative review whenever possible and add those stupid one or two liners 5 stars reviews.

# Repository of lost souls

## PROS:
It is a good company to retire peacefully. There is not much happening. Things go very slowly. If you are NOT looking for fast promotion, intellectual challenge, high salary, this IS the place to be.

Company that dish out contracts for most of the employees. Once you are a perm, you have earned your retirement.

This is NOT a place for fresh grad. You will get exploited to the max and your career will pretty much ruined having this company as part of your resume.

STAY away! unless you are really into early retirement.

Low pay and low bonus for most employees (if HR said the bonus is good, he or she is probably lying out right since Singtel will take most of the loot.

Favoritism is a common occurences and best practice is 'lip service' at its best and career is a dead end for most people.

And really, no good friend will recommend anyone to sign up for this sweat shop.

## Advice to management
After my less flattering review, I am pretty sure there will be two or three short positive reviews and another short negative reviews with stupid cons like 'distance to MRT is too far' and 'food can be boring'

Really guys, you can do better than this.

Value your engineers more.
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