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Originally Posted by justsharing View Post
male singaporean, 28years old.
about 3.5 years in the teaching profession.
direct NIE intake after A levels. obtained a 2nd class upper. now earning 5090 (after the recent 4% increment). average performer.
i expect future increments/promotions to be of a slower rate, but i'm very much satisfied with what i'm earning

if you have a passion for teaching, join us! you wont get filthy rich like the bankers and lawyers, but you'll definitely get to build a comfortable life. i find it meaningful and fulfilling to be able to reach out to students and try to make a (positive) difference in their lives. cheers!
That is a really decent salary for your age. Being a teacher has become quite financially rewarding! I recall my JC teacher at close to 40 telling us his salary was under 6k.

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