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Your first two statements contradicted each other. If you don't compare how would you know someone else earns less than you?

The point should be, happiness is not only dependent on wealth, and wealth is not only money. Happiness depends on a lot more things like a happy family, good relationship with friends, neighbors, good health, talents, and contribution to society. Wealth is not just about money because if you don't have good health, wealth itself is not meaningful. This point is brought up clearly in this Saturday's Straits Times about a boy who was awarded $1.64m because of an accident that left him a vegetable.

Yes, we will all die one day, but what is important is what we achieved during our lifetime. For the vast majority of people who are ordinary, the most tangible achievement are in material acquisitions. That means the wealth one can accumulate. Today's society tends to reward people for their talents, hard work and skills. So it is inevitable that people measure and compare their achievements in life through the wealth they accumulate.

I don't see such comparisons as bad. It is a way for people to know where they stand compared to others. It is good if it makes them strive to better themselves. It becomes bad only when people start feeling inferior, insecure, stressed and worse of all, jealous.

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All these comparisons of earnings are meaningless. If you think you're rich, there will always be someone richer than you. To be happy, just think about those who earn less than you. Live within your means. If you can't afford a condo, be happy with a hdb flat. If you can't afford a 4 room hdb flat, be happy with a 3 room hdb flat. If you can't afford a 3 room hdb flat, be happy with a 2 room hdb flat. If you can't afford a bungalow, be happy with a terrace.

At the end of the day, we will all die. We can die at any time, 20,30, 40, 50, 60, 70? Don't be greedy with this world. This world is just an illusion. The more you seek, the more you want. It will never end. Happiness is in your heart. No one have the right to tell you that you can only be happy if you are rich. Many rich people are not happy and many no so rich people are happy. Those of you who want to retire early, just go for it if you're financially independent. As long as your passive income is more than your expenses, you are ok. You don't need to have millions to retire.

Live a meaningful life. Care for others. Make the world a better place. Feed the poor and ophans. Care for the aged and the homeless. True happiness is when you make a positive difference to the world. If the world mourn your death, you have then led a meaningful life.
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