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Default couple 220k per annum

we are a 220k per annum, pre bonus 2 kids.
1 primary school going and a 2yo toddler. Late 30s couple

YES we are struggling, we both have our own 2nd hand jap cars , we need it to go to work. Lets not not about downgrade to 1 car, just not possible. Work is in a ulu place.

primary school kid, going with to few tuition sessions and enrichments, we would love to send him to more classes, but we are stretched.
Lets not forget we both have our own set of parents to give allowance to.
We have a maid to help look after toddler and cook and clean , nightly dinners with 1 set of parents in law, so a maid is absolutely necessary.
very few investments as we are worried one of us may get retrenched. No major euro holidays, just asia holidays, once or twice a year with only 1 child.

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