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Since this is a forum for sharing, please find the below breakdown for my family.

Household income per month (exclude bonus) is 15k
Both of us are in early 30s

Forced saving (for our joint saving account) : 4000
Parent allowances: 1500
Car and misc (car is fully paid) 500
Food: 1500-2000 (depending if there are any birthday etc)
Travel 500 (usually travel twice a year, so it's about this range per month)
Bills 1000 (phone, utilities, insurance etc)
Transportation 300-500 (sometimes taxi)
Entertainment 500-1000 (again depending on events)

The rest are generally saved as we don't have much expensive hobby etc..
(Trying to achieved financial freedom as fast as possible)

Our mentality is to save much and try to clear our existing HDB loan as fast as possible.

3/4 there already!
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