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Many high flyer ex bankers retired in their 40s after making it big. Given their background and expertise, they become successful full time investors. They spend their retirement years fruitfully by being active investors. They do lots of in depth research and engage discussions with management during AGMs. This way, their mind are fully active minus the office politics and long working hours. Many also sit in committees of charities as a way to give back to society. Their standard of living shot up tremendously because they have more leisure time and they don't need to be at the beck and call of bosses. They don't have to be stuck in morning traffic. They are also healthier and happier.

Full retirement does not mean you're retired from life. You're just retired from being a wage slave. Full retirement means you're independent, you're your own boss. You have choices on how you want to spend your time.

Don't listen to fools.

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45 year old single. Taxable income $170k last year. Paid up condo and new car. Quite stressful life. Looking to semi-retire and slowing down. Really tired of Singapore rat race.
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