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How I envy the older generation who profited from the propertyboom.

For me, I am just 30 years and planning to get married.

I will be burdened with a huge debt when I finally purchase my BTO 5 room.

I will be hand cuff to my job for next 30 years. Can't imagine the stress that I have to swallow.

Do we have a choice to live simply in Singapore??
Wow 5 bedroom bto! How much is it? I think i will be more jia lat then u. I will hoot two bedroom condo hahaha. But no need 30 years la, try to save and earn more via working/investment. Try to pay off earlier if possible. My aim is ambitious, gonna get at least 3 condos, one for living the other two for rental. Of course, i will be sharing burden with my wife.
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